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fully delivered & installed


3 modern urban designs

all available in 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed packages 


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Call & talk  (UK + 44)

0161 217 1296

07830 235 021


We design,cost, source and install interior solutions with a key eye on design and specification. We only create visions we know we can deliver on time and on budget. 

Our clients benefit from direct links we have with workshops around the UK - there are no limits! 


Commissioned peices made locally on a large scale to our own designs.


Creating bespoke interiors that we - and more importantly - our clients are proud of. 


Design phase is over - now its time to deliver 

That means lots of tenders out to multiple suppliers - enough to drive you up the wall?

Not for our clients - we are your project managers.

We not only provide interior design consultancy - but we also source and install everything with our own installation team.


A start to end solution for our all clients. 


Lights are important - we design that too !

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